Gorbachev & His Legacy tour

Dr Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia, leading East European Curator of the British Library, takes us on 3 exclusive tours of extraordinary Russian memorabilia in the Library’s unique collection.

Mikhail Gorbachev holds a remarkable place in the history of Russian politics. During his premiership his dual programme of perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) opened the door to major policy reform and brought an end to the Cold War. We will see election campaign ephemera of the early 1990s, ‘alternative’ periodicals and newspapers of very small print runs, original documents and photographs of the perestroika period and the 1991 putsch.

The meeting point for these three visits will be in the foyer of the British Library 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Tickets £20 >>>

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