Вечер с Дианой Арбениной

It’s been twenty years since Night Snipers was born. The group quickly became a phenomenon, participating in music festivals all over Russia and abroad. Tonight lead singer Diana Arbenina will tell the story of the group, as described in her new book, Stalker.

For many, the Snipers represent the sound of an era, the soundtrack to a time of danger as well as new beginnings. Stalker is first and foremost a chronicle of the life, times and energy of the band, documented in the written lyrics of their songs. Somewhat unusually for a rock band, the sell-out repertoire of tunes is strongly wrapped up in classical poetry. Tonight Arbenina will shed light on how the poetry of Akhmatova, Brodsky and Federico Garcia Lorca comes to life on stage and in songs. Anecdotes of a Russian rock star will be supplemented by a reading of the poetic inspiration behind the group’s most popular tracks.

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