“Rider between heaven and earth”: an exhibition of Boris Grebenshchikov’s paintings opened at the Zima restaurant


From September 11 to October 15 in the restaurant "Winter" you can see more than 20 paintings of the musician, dedicated to the theme of life's journey, fate and human relationships.

As BG himself admits, he started painting at the same time when he started writing songs – back in the late 1970s. At the same time, he prefers to “carefully hide it from the public, so that artistic activities do not distract from the music of Akvarium”.

After moving to London, the leader of the band “Aquarium” continued to paint. Since then, the British capital has, in BG’s words, begun to open “new artistic horizons” for him, dating back to cosmogony and Celtic mythology.

“My paintings are about complex relationships between people,” Boris Grebenshikov explains. The artist also adds that his paintings reflect the combination of the temporal and the eternal, the fleeting and the always relevant.

“Scream Under the Red Moon”, “The Rune of Love”, “Once More to the Question of Immigration” and other works by Boris Grebenshchikov with metaphorical titles can be seen and purchased at the restaurant “Winter” until mid-October.

More information about the works submitted can be found at this link.

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