Russian Gap

The website first came out in July 2014, and the glossy magazine Russian Gap. Mind the Russians came out in March 2015. Both projects were launched purely through the efforts of the Russian Gap team, which is a wholly independent media outlet.


On the site we publish articles about interesting people, start-ups, new ideas and business, about life in Britain, as well as interviews and a calendar of events. Today it is the most talked about Russian language resource in London. It is visited by over 30,000 unique users every month.


The site supplements a thick, glossy magazine, which comes out four times a year. In the magazine, we discuss the brightest representatives of the Russian community in Great Britain, primarily in the fields of academia, art and business. Our heroes have included the entrepreneur Yevgeny Chichvarkin, the founder of the Snow Show, Slava Polunin, the musician Denis Matsuev, collector and patron of the arts Igor Tsukanov, Professor Alena Ledeneva, writer and philosopher Mikhail Epstein, representatives of medium-sized businesses and founders of brilliant new start-ups.


In the magazine we also write about such topics as how to choose the best school for your child, or how to get into Oxford University, how to start your own business and get a work visa for Britain. We discuss the particularities of music education, create lists of London art galleries and private clubs, celebrate the top young, Russian artists in London, explain the workings of an auction house, and much more. In short, we produce truly unique content. And let’s not forget our society pages!

The magazine is published 4 times a year, with 8,000 copies distributed across the business lounges of London airports (including all terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick, as well as private airports), by subscription, at Russian-language events, in Russian financial companies and banks, restaurants, art galleries and cultural centres, at the Embassy, and so on.


In each issue we focus on a particular theme, which we explore from various perspectives. Our first issue was our women’s issue. The second was dedicated to education and children, the third to art. In December, our fourth issue was released, on the topic of “Business and Lifestyle”.

Russian Gap is a pleasure to hold in your hands. It is thick, glossy and printed on expensive paper. It is full of colourful photographs and artwork, unusual illustrations and articles which you won’t see anywhere else. Russian Gap‘s writers are professional journalists, historians, psychologists, art critics and science post-graduates. It is the result of the hard work of a large team!

You can sign up for a yearly subscription to the magazine, or order individual issues. We distribute the magazine both in the UK and abroad.


  • Editor in Chief – Katerina Nikitina
    (contact with questions relating to magazine content, ads and the strategic development of Russian Gap)
  • Website Publication Editor – Lina Kozhukhareva
    (event announcements, press releases)


Our contacts

Контент, работа редакции, новые форматы
Катя Никитина
Chief editor
Анонсы мероприятий, пресс-релизы
Илья Гончаров
Release editor


Upon request, we are happy to send a media kit with details relating to the distribution, audience, circulation and cost of commercial publications