Fancy Kids

Children’s fashion, at first glance, can appear simple and obvious. But the professionals know that it is as fickle as children themselves! Anna Bunina and Daria Mura have risked taking on this niche, which in their view is not yet fully developed. The children’s clothing market today, according to the girls, is a little boring, and a little faded. Mothers and their children want something new and stylish: you can only dress your children in little strawberries, peaches and daisies for so long!


Having thought up the project over lunch in October the previous year, by May the two graduates of prestigious London universities had already fully launched their online shop under the name ‘Fancy Kids‘. Here you can find everything a child needs between the ages of 0 and 10. But what really sets the shop apart is that all its products are made from organic materials. For example, the baby’s bottles imported from Japan are made exclusively from organic plastic, with a special curve for the baby’s head. 90% of the packaging materials used are recyclable. Only natural fabrics are used, and the toys are handmade, without dyes or other harmful substances.


One of the main tasks of the project is to show that organic clothing can be beautiful. Today, such names as Marie-Chantal, Melissa Odabash and Margherita Missoni are represented on the site… But the basis of the Fancy Kids brand is new names, which you won’t find on the high street or in other online outlets.


Anna and Daria searched everywhere to find their designers – stylish, ecologically friendly and conceptual – from trade shows in various European cities, to social networks. The girls admit they were able to come across some brands thanks to the Instagram accounts of mothers, prepared to endlessly photograph their fashionable offspring.

A practical difference of Fancy Kids from other online shops is in the way they save you time. The project has its own warehouse stocked with products ordered in advance, so you don’t need to wait weeks for your order. And the delivery comes in adorable packaging in the shape of a pram.


On top of everything else, the girls are collaborating with the charitable organisation Place2Be, which supports educational projects aimed at creating the right psychological and emotional environment for children at school. One pound from every sale is donated to this fund.


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