Fancy Kids


Children’s fashion only at first glance seems simple and obvious. But the pros know that she’s as cranky as the kids themselves! Anna Bunina and Daria Mura decided to take a risk and tackle this particular niche, which in their opinion is not fully developed. The market for children’s clothing today, the girls believe, is dull and faded. Moms and their children want something new and stylish: how many children can be dressed up in “strawberries”, “peaches” and “daisies”!


Having conceived the project over lunch last October, the graduates of prestigious London universities had already fully launched an online store called Fancy Kids in May. Everything you need for kids from 0 to 10 years old is collected here. But the main feature of the store is the goods made from organic materials. For example, baby bottles imported from Japan are made exclusively of organic plastic, with a special tilt for the baby’s head. 90% of the materials used for product packaging are recyclable. All fabrics are natural and the toys are handmade, with no dyes or other harmful substances.


One of the main objectives of the project is to prove that organic can be beautiful. Today, the site features names like Marie-Chantal, Melissa Odabash, Margherita Missoni… But the bulk of Fancy Kids brands are new names that are not on the high street or in online stores.


Anna and Daria looked for their designers – stylish, ecological and conceptual – everywhere, from tradeshows in different European cities to social networks. On some brands, as the girls admit, managed to reach out with the help of Instagram moms who are ready to endlessly photograph their fashionable babies.

The practical difference between Fancy Kids and other online stores, however, is saving you money
of time. The project has its own warehouse with already purchased goods, so wait for the order
for weeks. And the delivery will arrive in a cute package in the shape of a baby stroller.


To top it all off, the girls work with Place2Be, a charity organization that supports educational projects aimed at creating the right psychological and emotional background for children in schools. One pound from each of your purchases will be directed to this fund.



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