“An artist who creates music”: the story of pianist Anna Stasiuk


There is a magic in the world of music that can inspire new achievements, give strength when it is needed and open new horizons for both the listener and the performer. The story of Anna Stasiuk, a talented classical pianist, is a vivid example of how music can change not only the life of the artist, but also unite the hearts of many.

The artful sounds of the piano fill the walls of The Raffles, a historic hotel in central London, every evening. With Anna Stasiuk at the keyboard – a talented performer who has become an integral part of the atmosphere and creative evenings at this prestigious spot on the British capital’s cultural map – guests’ hearts sink and their souls plunge into the depths of art, fantasy and history. With his playing Stasiuk fills the space with warmth, inspires new discoveries and helps big and small miracles to happen. A pianist’s story of how talent and passion for music lead a performer to amazing opportunities and accomplishments.

From childhood, Anna was surrounded by the sounds of the piano and began practicing playing this drowned instrument at an early age. With each keystroke she broke new ground, and today her playing has become an inspiration to many. Living and working in London for two years now, Stasiuk has become known as an accomplished pianist whose performances of music by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert and Debussy regularly attract many visitors from all over London. It’s not only performing the classics that makes Anna unique – she is also the author of her own piano compositions, which are based on her personal experiences and, of course, her extraordinary talent. Stasiuk is currently working on her second solo album, which no doubt promises to be a new breakthrough in her creative career.

Anna also specializes in creating unique arrangements of folk songs and successfully performs at various international competitions, where she regularly receives well-deserved awards. Her auteuristic approach to music-making has attracted the attention and admiration of audiences from around the world.

Anna Stasiuk is not just a pianist, but an artist who creates music that leaves a mark in the hearts of her listeners. Her passion for music and dedication to the arts make her an exceptional and inspiring individual whose new musical masterpieces are eagerly awaited by audiences.

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