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Immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union grabbed a huge piece of life in the British capital. Even in the local press, London is often called Londontown. It is a city within a city, a state within a state, existing alongside and in parallel with traditional English institutions.

ZIMA Magazine for the first time opens Londongrad in all its cozy splendor and presents a unique guide to Russian-speaking London. All addresses, locations and passwords where our person will feel good, where he is expected and appreciated, are revealed by local old-timers - Seva Novgorodtsev, Zinovy Zinik, Masha Slonim, Boris Akunin, Boris Grebenshchikov, Alexey Zimin, Evgeny Chichvarkin, Natalya Osipova.

On the pages of the guide, they share the most intimate things - from the phone number of the best Russian-speaking plumber to the most cozy shop in the Barbican.
Briefly about the special issue
“OUR LONDON” is a useful guide to life in the British capital, a guide to the most interesting places and a colorful coffee table book that will become your faithful assistant for a long time. 800 places, 300 pages, 200 experts and hundreds of citizens who shared their experiences and revealed the deepest secrets of Russian-speaking London
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I really like London. I believe that in terms of overall points this is the best city on the planet. Well, that is, somewhere it’s more beautiful, somewhere the climate is better, somewhere it’s closer, but in general – London comes first. There is some right balance between humanity and privacy, liveliness and politeness... A lot of interesting things happen. Culturally interesting.
I would say that in a cultural sense, London is the third most important “Russian” city in the world, after Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Video with the heroes of the project
Alexey Zimin
about Russian London and Kensington Gardens
Boris Grebenshchikov
about people, creativity and musical London
Evgeny Chichvarkin
about Mayfair and the Saturday market in Chelsea
Konstantin Pinaev
about the places every Londoner should visit
Natalia Osipova
about parks, walks and the difficulties of the first steps
Maria Gordon
about the depth of communication and changes over the past twenty years
More interesting things in the “OUR LONDON” section
"Our Britain" — a logical continuation of the previous special issue of the magazine ZIMA "Our London", which I saw light at the end of 2020. Three months after its release, most of the "best" places in the UK capital, which we carefully and lovingly collected in Our London, were closed for quarantine. But that is not at all prevented it from selling well.

This success inspired us to expand beyond Greater London. This is how Our Britain was born. — the first ever guide to the United Kingdom, compiled by people who have long and interestingly lived in Manchester, Oxford, Leeds, Edinburgh and other blessed places. The result is a voluminous book about how to enjoy life and travel in one of the most remarkable countries in the world.

We definitely enjoyed it. Now you.
Briefly about the special issue
"Our Britain" — this is 432 pages of fascinating reading, almost 600 interesting points on the country map and more 30 stories of famous insiders, including writer Owen Matthews, professor Andrei Zorin, journalist Masha Slonim, Princess Ekaterina Golitsyna, historian Kirill Korbin, economist Andrei Movchan, chief editor ZIMA Alexey Zimin and many others. You will definitely want to check their impressions, and their experience — repeat.

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Alexey Zimin ZIMA Editor-in-Chief

With "Our Britain" you will get a fresh look at the country's major cities; visit the best boarding schools and regional universities; find out where and what kind of business is best to develop; taste the cheddar and leicester, Welsh lamb and Hereward beef; you will visit famous estates and houses of ordinary Englishmen and, of course you'll go travel — along the coastal paths of Wales, distilleries and castles of Scotland, pubs Northern Ireland, rivers and canals of the Midlands.
More heroes in the “OUR LONDON” section

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