ZIMA Magazine’s Artist of the Month. May winner – Karina Eibatova


In 2024, ZIMA launched a project - Artist of the Month. Each month an expert jury selects one winner, whose work we introduce to our readers. Our goal is to give Russian-speaking artists in Britain a chance to be noticed, and for the public to recognize interesting new names. The winner of May was the artist Karina Eibatova - we tell you more about her.

Karina Eibatova was born in St. Petersburg, however, her career took an international path from the very beginning. The artist has studied art in several countries, including Sweden, where she graduated from the Gerlessborgskolan School of Fine Arts in 2008, Japan – where Eibatova studied painting at the University of the Arts in Tokyo, graduating in 2017, and Austria, where Karina received her Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The artist currently specializes in semi-abstract oil painting and watercolor and has over fifteen years of experience in her field. Her paintings have been exhibited regularly since 2007 in group and solo exhibitions in cities around the world – Berlin, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles.

From the author’s manifesto: “Currently, my personal creative practice is centered on oil on canvas. I explore imagery drawn from nature, dreams and imagination and strive to create an immersive and contemplative experience for the viewer through color and symbolism, the figurative and the abstract.”

Katya Granova, curator of the Artist of the Month project: “Karina Eibatova’s works combine tenderness, organicity, lightness of abstract forms, painted with special care, expression and force, a kind of rumbling, reminiscent of works about the terrible judgment of the English Romanticism artist John Martin. In her paintings there is a certain confidence, power and resilience of a soft, feminine flow of forms – not something corporeal, not something cloudy, not something earthy and tangible, not something airy and elusive. This remarkable balance of opposites allows the viewer to feel a profound visual comfort. The works envelope the beholder like a soft blanket and immerse him or her in other levels of this visual aesthetic, where he or she encounters an intense vitality, some even doom. One plunges into this painting like a cloud, which, while outwardly harmless, carries thunder and lightning. Karina has been shortlisted for the prize several times and we are delighted to finally present her with the award she deserves.

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