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What is ZIMA?

ZIMA Magazine is one of the most recognised Russian-speaking media project based in London, which is comprised of a website zimamagazine.com, a print magazine ZIMA and an offline-community ZIMA CLUB. We unite the people who live, work and study in the United Kingdom, as well as those who think about the opportunity of moving there and who visit UK often. We keep them updated about the most important issues, inspire and give advice, introduce them to the interesting people and tell them how everything is organized in the Great Britain.

Why ‘ZIMA’?

Because here, in the United Kingdom, Russians have everything, apart from their favourite frosty and snowy winter, which stands for ‘ZIMA’ in Russian. Truly, this word has a lot of sentiments for us. Nonetheless, while choosing our project’s name, we were mainly searching for the brief ‘cultural code’ – the word which has a meaning for everyone who was born and grew in the Russian-speaking country, which unites us wherever we are, and which provokes emotions. The word ‘ZIMA’ clearly does.

What is the website about?

Zimamagazine.com is the entry to the life of a Russian-speaking community in the United Kingdom. We talk about those people, about what are they doing for a living, what are they interested in, and our aim is to help with advice and answer their questions. ZIMA team writes about the community’s life, startups, business, education, culture and art, deal with the changes in law and share ta variety of life hacks to its readers. We rapidly react to British news and are usually the first ones who explain to Russian speakers about how this news can affect their lives.

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And what about the magazine?

ZIMA Magazine is an insider guide about the United Kingdom. Our authors have been living in the UK for a long time, so they know the country well and love it a lot, and that is why articles from each issue always represent an interesting, informative and useful story about a variety of aspects of the British life, about people and their activities, traditions, history and culture of the Great Britain, as well as about the bright social life of London and the events which could not be missed. Our print magazine is issued quarterly, and each of the magazines has its main theme. For instance, our fresh spring ZIMA issue is dedicated to the issues of health and longevity.

Where can the magazine be found?

The easiest way would be to subscribe for the magazine on our website. Similarly, magazines are sold in many book shops of WHSmith Travel Stores (in the airports and international train stations), as well as in the airports’ business lounges of British Airways in London, in embassies, cultural and financial centres, real estate agencies, car dealerships and health & beauty places. Our copies are also distributed at the Russian-speaking events – another words, you can find it in all places where it is possible to meet Russian-speaking expats.

What is ZIMA Club?

It is a continuation of our media project, just in an offline format. The aim of ZIMA CLUB is to connect and to introduce Russian speaking people living in London with the heroes of ZIMA issues, and to create the platform in order to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences, as well as the useful and interesting contacts. We organise informal meetings with famous entrepreneurs, patrons, public figures and people with creative flair, host master-classes, film screenings, trips, tasting sessions and parties. Join us!

How not to miss anything?

Once in a week, our readers receive the newsletter, which is comprised of the announcements of the most interesting upcoming events in London and the links to the best articles of the past week. We proudly name our newsletter as the UK’s most important one (in Russian language, of course). Subscribe right now, and you definitely won’t miss anything! And of course, follow us on our social media channels Facebook,  Telegram and Instagram.

Still have any questions?

It is most likely that you will have the answers in our MEDIA KIT. If not, just email us. Well, write to us anyways, we would be glad 🙂

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