Boris Grebenshchikov and BG+ are going on tour in Europe (with a concert in London!)


Boris Grebenshchikov and the BG+ band are going on a concert tour in Europe at the end of October with a new program, which will include the new album BOGRUKINOG and the best songs of "Aquarium".

The new mini-album of the band BOGRUKINOG was not announced and came out quite unexpectedly. It includes four songs – “Don’t Stand Above Your Soul, Mama”, “Black Swan”, “Unforgotten”, “Minsk Pinsk and Severodvinsk”, which BG released after a long break. According to the musician, after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he could not write for a long time.

Just after February 24, 2022, Boris Grebenshikov publicly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His released mini-album BOGRUKINOG has become one of the most powerful anti-war statements of recent years. The compositions are about modern Russia and the war it has unleashed.

“BG’s new album Bogrukinog is the best thing that has happened in Russian music of the last five years. To the question “who are you?” today it is correct to answer: a contemporary of BG”, – commented the new album of the musician writer and publicist Dmitry Bykov.

The musical collective BG+ emerged in the year of the 50th anniversary of Aquarium, when the group had to stop its activities due to the war in Ukraine. The new lineup includes, in addition to BG, bassist Alexander Titov, keyboardist Konstantin Tumanov and flutist Brian Finnegan. On some concerts they are joined by percussionists Liam Bradley and Gleb Grebenshchikov, and violinist Andrei Surotdinov. BG+ started giving concerts in March 2022, actively condemning the war in Ukraine in their art.

In addition to songs from the new album, Grebenshchikov and BG+ will perform their favorite and best songs of the legendary “Aquarium” at the upcoming concerts.

Boris Grebenshchikov and BG+ concert tour will start on October 29 with a concert in Hannover. The band will perform in London on December 5. Tickets can be purchased on the website.

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