News /  Rishi Sunak suggested that the age of sale of cigarettes should be raised gradually

At the last Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the Prime Minister proposed that the age at which cigarettes and tobacco can be bought in the UK should be increased by one year each year. If the initiative is realized, it will be “the largest health care intervention in a generation.”

According to Sunak, the plan that has been put forward and should result in eventually no one in the UK being able to buy tobacco products. Conservative Party MPs will be able to vote for or against the initiative, with Labor already saying it will support the decision to raise the smoking age.

As Sunak said at the conference, the initiative he has put forward will help launch an active fight against the large number of diseases that smoking causes. Meanwhile, some critics of the proposed idea believe that a gradual ban on the purchase of cigarettes could lead to the creation of a large-scale “black market” of tobacco products.

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