Finance /  The cost of charging an electric car in Britain jumped 42% in four months

Driving electric cars in the UK is becoming more and more expensive. According to RAC, the cost of charging an electric car at public outlets has risen 42 percent in just four months.

The average price for using chargers has increased by 18.75 pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh) since May to 63.29 pence. That is, drivers driving electric cars now pay about 18 pence per mile. By comparison, it costs about 19 pence per mile for gasoline and 21 pence for diesel.

“It still costs less to charge a car outside the home than it does to fill up a gasoline or diesel car, but recent numbers show that the gap is closing as a result of huge increases in the cost of electricity,” commented RAC spokesman Simon Williams. – Drivers who use public fast and ultra-fast chargers suffer the most.”

Data from the Society of Automobile Manufacturers and Sellers show that growth in sales of new electric vehicles has slowed in recent months. The British Automobile Association conducted a survey of 12,500 drivers and confirmed that rising energy prices are discouraging many people from switching to electric cars.

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