Addresses: 8 salons in London where to get a manicure

12.06.2024Настя Константинова

Searching for a quality nail service in the British capital sometimes resembles a real quest. That's why, answering the age-old question "where to get a manicure in London?", "ZIMA" has compiled a guide to beauty salons that will pleasantly surprise you not only with a decent manicure and pedicure, but also with other interesting self-care procedures.


Address: 62a Balcombe Street, NW1 6NE
Cost: manicure/pedicure with shellac from £52, lash lamination £70.
Full list of services and appointment at link .

Today, the Qubea beauty salon chain is one of the most popular locations on London’s beauty map. Nelly Malinina-Ravilova, the founder of the brand, started by opening the first outlet with only one eyelash lamination master. The procedure remains Qubea’s signature to this day, but the brand now includes two full salons in Kensington and Marylebone and has a decent list of services from hair Botox, styling and makeup to shugaring, manicures and pedicures.

Qubea employs staff from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Latvia, and the nail service here is one of the best in the city. To save time, you can opt for a four-handed service – for example, lash lamination and manicure at the same time.


Address: 9 Russell Gardens, W14 8EZ
The cost of services: manicure/pedicure without coating from £40, Airtouch from £260.
Full list of services and appointment at link .

Another “Russian-speaking” beauty salon in London, Stylena, is located in the Kensington neighborhood (west London). In addition to quality nail treatments, Stylena specializes in Airtouch hair coloring, a popular melting technique that creates a delicate color transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade with a “touch of air”. On the basis of the salon even opened an academy method Airtouch, where hairdressers are trained and perform with master classes throughout Europe.

Every month Stylena runs promotions, such as “pay what you want” on eyebrow shaping and coloring. A nice bonus: Stylena is a pet-friendly place, and customers can come there with their favorite pets.

Keep Beauty

Address: 22 Moreton St, Pimlico, SW1V 2PT
Cost: classic manicure/pedicure from £42, Tokio Inkarami hair treatment from £95.
For a full list of services and to sign up, follow the link.

Keep Beauty is a new salon that opened in early 2024 in Central London, within walking distance of Victoria station. In addition to high quality nail service, Keep Beauty provides various types of face and body massages, including apparatus massage and the much-loved “Endosphere” – if you buy the service as a package, the cost for 10 treatments will be £799. In addition, the salon has an excellent hair master who has worked with many Russian and Ukrainian pop stars – for example, artists Comedy Club, Zivert, Dima Bilan, t.A.T.u., KAZKA and others. He specializes in sophisticated AirTouch coloring techniques as well as cold and hot hair extensions.

Show me your nails

Address: 83 Baker Street, W1U 6AG
Fees: manicure/pedicure with shellac £55-65,Endosphere from £55.
To sign up, go to link .

The Baker Street nail studio, which opened in the summer of 2022, employs professionals from around the world, including Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. In addition to quality nail service (manicure and pedicure), the salon has a service “Endosphere” – a therapy based on innovative Italian technology and aimed at equalizing the facial oval and rejuvenating the skin. The treatment is also excellent for muscle pain after intense exercise, improving muscle tone and venous outflow.


Address: 67 Mortimer Street, W1W 7SE
The cost of services: manicure/pedicure with shellac coating from £55, styling/hairstyle + makeup from £120.
To select services and make an appointment, go to link .

Pied-de-Poule beauty salon, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is one of the largest beauty spaces in London and occupies two floors with a total area of 350 square meters. At Pied-de-Poule, clients can take advantage of a long list of services: get a quality manicure and pedicure, choose one or more hair care treatments, or fully prepare for a social event. By the way, on the eve of the Royal Ascot races, the salon has a special promotion just for “social gatherings” – at a humane price for London, beauty professionals will take care of your makeup and styling, if desired – in four hands.

HT by Sakurami

Address: 327 King’s Road, SW3 5ES
Cost of services: classic manicure/pedicure with coating £60/£90, facial mesotherapy £150.
Full list of services and reservations on website .

HT by Sakurami is an international brand of Maria-Anna Ryklina, who has created a network of beauty salons with locations in Moscow, Tbilisi, Barcelona, Dubai, Bratislava and Tokyo. In 2019, another of her projects opened its doors in London’s Chelsea. The list of services, of course, includes various types of manicures and pedicures. Cosmetology services are also available here, which include various facial injections and microneedling. The first visit to the salon is accompanied by a 10% discount, and on the client’s birthday there is a 15% discount on all procedures. Alternatively, HT by Sakurami can be booked in its entirety – for a group of up to 10 people – and arrange, for example, a private beauty session. The masters can also come to your home on individual request.

L.Y. Beauty

Address: 116 Gloucester Road, SW7 4SD
Fees are: unplated manicure/pedicure £40, neck and back massage £50.
For a full list of services and to sign up, follow the link.

Another beauty salon in South Kensington founded by a group of Russian-speaking professionals. L.Y. Beauty specializes in nail services, and its list of services includes more than 20 types of nail care, from the timeless classic uncoated to nail extensions and custom nail designs. In addition, at L.Y. Beauty offers several types of facial and body massages.

Oblique Beauty House

Address: 15 Bute Street, SW7 3EY
Fees: uncoated children’s manicure (under 12) £15, uncoated adult manicure/pedicure £40, LK Black Caviar facial £150.
Full list of services and appointment at link .

The salon occupies three separate spaces in Kensington: House of Nails, House of Aesthetics, and House of Hair – each branch specializing in specific services. In addition to standard nail, hand and foot treatments (including for children), Oblique Beauty House provides dermatology services for the face and body – one of the salon’s hallmarks is the black caviar nucleoprotein facial cleanse. You can also get mesotherapy, Endosphere treatments and get ready to go out.

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