When my babushka joined the Reich: a new solo exhibition by artist Katya Granova in London

31.10.2022Julia Karpova

In new works created especially for the exhibition, Katya finds ways to look at politics and the events in Ukraine, which have involved the whole world, through the prism of her personal stories and childhood memories.

All of the paintings in the exhibition are based on her family archives – photographs that depict episodes from the lives of her two grandmothers. Both are half-Russian and half-Ukrainian, but currently hold pro-Russian views, while Katya volunteers, helps refugees, and actively participates in rallies. This sad fact, according to the artist, makes their communication almost impossible and generates a lot of conflict and distrust in the family. Studying and comprehending the lives of her relatives, Katya tries to understand why they ended up on the other side of the barricades from her.

Work from the new series

The exhibition will be open through October 20, from 2 to 8 p.m., at ArtWorks Project Space, Barbican Art Group Trust, 114a Blackhorse Lane, E17 6AA

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