Halloween plans: What to do in London and beyond

20.10.2023Daria Kizenkova

If you still have no idea how and where to spend All Saints' Eve, we're sharing a list of editorial finds - themed tours of museums, palaces and more (in advance, so you'll definitely have time to buy a ticket!).

Meet the ghosts at the Tower of London.

At the end of October you can learn the history of the already legendary Tower Castle … personally from its inhabitants. As part of a themed tour of the castle, visitors will be told about the prisoners of the famous Tower Prison, the rulers who lived in the fortress during the harsh Middle Ages, and other figures without whom there would be no British history. Prepare to see the ghosts of William the Conqueror, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, which will tell you about the Tower from its unfamiliar side.

More information can be found on the website.

See the cult movie “Hocus Pocus on the big screen

The iconic Disney movie about three witches who are resurrected on Halloween 300 years after they were executed will be shown Oct. 29 at the Eventim Apollo Auditorium. We recommend buying tickets for those who love classic scary movies with pumpkins, candles and black magic, as well as live music, as all the soundtracks from the movie will be performed live by a symphony orchestra.

You can buy a ticket to the screening here.

Spend the night at the Natural History Museum

On Halloween, one of the biggest museums in London organizes a really dark, but no less fascinating tour through the exhibition halls and galleries. The Natural History Museum looks very different at night (for example, the famous blue whale skeleton will glow ominously in the dark for the occasion). In addition, the organizers have prepared two excursion routes to the most frightening exhibits of the museum, so get ready to consider huge spiders, bats and other local “inhabitants”.

Find more information atthe link.

Visit the mystical Eltham Palace.

The halls of Eltham Palace in Greenwich are literally filled with mysticism and mystery. Unsurprisingly, this is where film adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels, including Death on the Nile (2004), were filmed. So if you’re a traditional “ghost hunter” who craves adventure, this is the place to go: On October 27, 28 and 31, the palace is offering themed tours. And yes, the tours are only available to visitors over the age of 16, from which we conclude that it will be truly scary.

You can purchase tickets here.

Check out Westminster Abbey.

In the second half of October, Westminster Abbey runs themed tours of secret locations in addition to the standard tours. If you manage to book a ticket for the tour, you’ll have a rare chance to see a medieval altar usually closed to public viewing, recently discovered by archaeologists, a secret chapel and even the British royal house’s treasure collection, which has been kept in the abbey for many years.

You can purchase tickets on the website.

Visit a farm and harvest a pumpkin crop

If you’ve got your witch movies memorized, your spell books read, and you’ve been taken for granted at themed parties, head outside of London to celebrate Halloween. Travel to one of the farms in Kent, Surrey or another county near the capital, where you can learn more about why the pumpkin has become one of the main symbols of Halloween, attend a pumpkin festival and even harvest your own.

More details can be found here.

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