Ten British TV series that are coming out this fall

18.10.2023Anastasia Fedorova

Especially for fierce movie critics and just fans of multi-part movies, the author of "Winter" Anastasia Fedorova collected the best novelties on streaming services. Pick a suitable story, make some tea, and get comfortable. Our list includes a tense series about chefs, several thrillers, crime dramas and, of course, a biopic about David Beckham.

“Boiling Point.

There’s a new mini-series on BBC iPlayer – about a team of chefs at a restaurant in London. The series continues the story of the one-shot movie of the same name. The first episode of the series was filmed in the same way. Starring Stephen Graham (“Big Score,” “This is England”), who plays chef Andy, and actress Wynette Robinson.

The story continues six months after the end of the movie. After a heart attack, chef Andy learns that the sous chef of his former restaurant, Carly, has opened her own place and is working there with his team. Like the previous film, “Boiling Point” explores the team’s relationships in and out of the kitchen. It turned out to be a tense and nervous thriller in four episodes from Philippe Barantini, the author of the idea and the original short film “Boiling Point “t – it was from it grew first the movie, and then the series with the permanent Stephen Graham.

“The Long Shadow.

A new crime drama from British screenwriter George Kay about the real-life investigation and search for the “Yorkshire Ripper” – serial killer Peter Sutcliffe between 1975 and 1981. Based on writer Michael Bilton’s book about 1970s Britain and the search for the maniac, authentic documents and police reports.

In the story, Yorkshire police officers get a new case: young girls in the north of England have been murdered, and all the crimes are similar to each other. As a result, thousands of police officers and detectives from all over the UK join the search for the killer. What’s interesting: the series focus has shifted from the perpetrator to the identities of his victims and the process of investigation. The series is available on ITVX.

“The Woman in the Wall.

A psychological thriller about an extremely mysterious murder investigation has been released on BBC iPlayer. The main character Lorna wakes up in her house and finds the corpse of a woman. At the same time, the girl doesn’t know how her house turned out to be a crime scene. One theory (by all laws of the genre) is that the killer is Lorna, who suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). An additional driver to the plot is the fact that as a young girl, she was sent to the Magdalene Laundries reformatory asylum, where the 15-year-old heroine’s child was taken from her, causing her to suffer from sleepwalking and memory lapses.

Starring as Lorna is British actress Ruth Wilson, known for the detective series “Luther,” and the role of the detective is played by Daryl McCormack (“Sharp Visors”). There are a total of six episodes available for viewing, each lasting about an hour.


Liv and Will are a typical married couple. When a girl finds out about her husband’s infidelity, their relationship immediately begins to fall apart. To make amends, Will offers to take her on the trip across America that Liv has dreamed of all her life. It seems that there is a chance to return everything as it was, but the heroine has her own goal – to take revenge on her husband and set up an accident on the trip.

The role of the conniving wife went to Jenna Coleman (“Doctor Who”), in the role of the husband – Oliver Jackson-Cohen (“The Ghosts of Bly Manor”). At the helm of the British project is South Korean director Kim So-young, who directed “New Amsterdam.” One of the show’s soundtracks was Taylor Swift’s song Look What You Made Me Do – just in the theme of revenge. The series is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

“Bodies” (Bodies)

New from Netflix, a series about four London detectives investigating the murder of the same man, is out October 19. The director’s catch is that each detective lives in a different era – 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053. As the investigation progresses, the characters learn that the case ties together different time periods and different detectives. To save the future, the heroes need to solve the crime and put an end to the global conspiracy.

Starring in the title role in the series based on the DC graphic novel by British writer C Spencer is once again the unrivaled Stephen Graham. The entire story is divided into eight episodes; the film was directed by Marco Kreuzpointner (“The Collini Case”) and Van Haolu (who directed “Doctor Who”) – each of whom directed half of the project.

“The Killing Kind.

Amazon Prime has released a 6-episode series based on the book by writer Jane Casey, starring Brit Emma Appleton. The main character Ingrid works as a lawyer. Her measured life is changed by a call from a former client, John, who claims that the heroine is in danger. The closer Yggrid gets to solving the case, the more it seems to her that she is actually being threatened by none other than John himself. The life of a successful lawyer is slowly descending into chaos.

The series was written by Chania Button, who previously directed the full-length “Vita and Virginia,” and first-time writer and director Zara Hayes.

“The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies.”

At the center of the plot of the comedy thriller are two seemingly very different women, Cheryl and Alice. Each of the heroines has her own life: Cheryl is a successful writer who survives the death of her husband and lives with her beloved poodle, Alice is a mom and Madonna fan. Life unexpectedly collides two different women whose goal is to expose Alice’s fraudulent ex-husband and get her life back on track.

The scene of the picture was moved to Oxford, where all the main shooting took place. The main characters were played by Oscar nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Rebeca Staton (“Black Mirror” and “Doctor Who”). You can watch the series on BBC iPlayer.

“The Inheritance.

Channel 5 TV has its own mini-series out. According to the plot, at the beginning of the story, the father of the family dies suddenly. Three now grown children, lost and not understanding what happened, try to make sense of whether the death of the head of the family was an accident or a carefully planned crime. The fact that shortly before his death the deceased changed his will and now none of the children will receive the inheritance aggravates the already heated situation – nevertheless, each of the heroes is under suspicion.

The British series was directed by renowned Finnish director Aku Louhimies, the script was written by English author Ashley Ditta. The result is a full-fledged family drama about skeletons in the closet and the uncovering of old secrets, which you can watch on Channel 5.

“The Buccaneers.

A series about young American women based on Edith Wharton’s unfinished 1938 novel is coming to Apple TV+ starting Nov. 8. Young girls arrive in 1870s London, at a debutante ball with a very specific goal: to marry successfully. However, before reaching the cherished dream, the heroines will have to face the strict centuries-old puritanical traditions of the English, which will be a serious test for American women.

British screenwriter and comedian Kathryn Jaquays took on the job of adapting the work. The result is a very dynamic series shot entirely in Scotland.


Another premiere on Netflix, this time a four-episode documentary series about David Beckham. Oscar-winning directors Fisher Stevens and John Buttsek, responsible for the “FIFA Mysteries” series and the recent Justin Timberlake drama “Palmer,” are behind the film.

The plot, as you can easily guess from the title, is about Beckham’s biography – his sports career and personal life. In addition to the soccer story, the series also touches on the British star’s relationship with Victoria Beckham, their family life and problems. In four and a half hours, the creators explained how the character became one of the most famous soccer players and who helped him along the way. All in all, they promise a non-boring biopic and lots of exclusive facts about the Beckhams’ lives.

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