The Magic of Line and Color: What to Expect from Levan Lagidze’s New Exhibition in London


Georgian abstractionist painter Levan Lagidze's new exhibition "Makondo" opens at London's Marie Jose Gallery on October 23.

In creating this new series of works, the artist was inspired by the domestic landscapes of Georgia. The large-scale exhibition will tell the story of an idyllic city – “Macondo” (originally a fictional city in Colombia, appearing in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”), which the artist depicts on canvases.

In the new exhibition of Lagidze’s work, viewers will once again see abstraction in vivid colors. Familiar squares and other geometric figures will appear in the artist’s paintings, simultaneously being independent elements and at the same time forming a unified whole. The master reflects the multicolored nature of the world through color and form, each time creating a unique pattern that makes the viewer search for hidden meaning in his works.

“I like to look at the landscape from above. When viewed from above, all elements – both earth and sky – are equally important, and each detail contains an expression of the whole,” says the artist himself about the process of creating his works. Each element of Lagidze’s abstract canvases has equal importance, creating a sense of “paintings within paintings” that the viewer wants to unravel by exploring the canvases from the particular to the general.

Macondo will open on October 25 at Marie Jose Gallery. You can see Levan Lagidze’s new exhibition until November 18.

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