Tate Britain museum will feature edible sculptures by artist Bobby Baker

19.10.2023Daria Kizenkova

A large-scale edible installation by artist Bobby Baker will appear in November next to Tate Britain as part of the upcoming Women in Revolt! exhibition, which celebrates the contribution of women to the art of the late 20th century. So if in the near future, when passing by Tate Britain, you see passers-by literally eating human-sized sculptures of people, don't be frightened: this is the plan.

Bobbie Baker’s work will recreate the artist’s family – viewers will be able to see five human figures made from cookies, various types of cookies, icing and other sweets. And yes, the artwork can actually be tasted by taking a bite out of your favorite piece.

Photo: Tate Britain

Baker first created “Edible Family in a Mobile Home” (yes, the work is called that) back in 1976 at her home in Stepney, East London. Baker designed all 5 sculptures and the house where the family “lives” herself as well. Incidentally, Baker has developed vegan alternative materials for her updated exhibit.

To make the sculptural installation more pleasant to try, visitors will be courteously poured tea – as hospitable hosts decided to call students of the prestigious Chelsea College of Arts. And right after the installation is finished being presented in London, Bobby Baker will tour the UK with his “edible house”.

To see the work of Bobbi Baker, as well as the exhibition Women in Revolt! is available from November 8th at Tate Britain. Tickets are here.

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