For a cozy evening with a cup of cocoa: nine British movies about love

30.08.2020Anastasia Fedorova

We have collected English movies where the characters search for and find their love, figure out their relationship or decide to stay friends. In short, cute melodramas for the coming evenings and good mood even in bad weather.

“One Day.”

One day

Laura had a crush on Dexter in college, but after spending one day together, they decide to remain friends. They meet every year on this very day, do not dare to confess their feelings, but always support each other. It’s more than friendship, but not yet romantic love. This relationship keeps them together for 18 years – that’s how many times the characters meet throughout the movie. The touching melodrama was directed by Danish Lone Scherfig, who previously directed “Nurturing the Senses” and “Italian for Beginners”.

“A Guide to Second Date Sex.”

A Guide to Second Date Sex with Rachel Hirons

Laura and Ryan are both 28 years old and are both relationship misfits. They’ve had stuff in their lives, and now Laura and Ryan are finally on their second date. Everyone wants everything to go perfectly, but what if a normal date has never happened? They call their friends and ask their advice, but deep down they still hope for a great night out. In some places in the tape slips inappropriate humor, but the charm of the main characters overrides everything. The roles were played by George Mackay, star of the recent film “1917,” as well as Alexandra Roach, known for the British series “Utopia.”

“The Dreamers.”

Sophie and Anna's Blog: Our Favorite Movies Set In Paris | Dreamers movie, The dreamers, Garrel

In 1968, there are student strikes and riots in Paris. At this time, Matthew comes from the United States to Paris as a student exchange student. He likes to watch movies at the cinematheque with cinephiles like him. One day he meets his brother and sister, twins Theo and Isabel, and then moves into their apartment. The more Matthew interacts with them, the less their relationship reminds him of a sibling relationship. All three lose touch with reality, passionately discussing filmmaking and enjoying each other’s company. One of Bernardo Bertolucci’s most famous works starring Louis Garrel and Eva Green explores the theme of love, carefree youth and movie addiction.

“45 Years.”

45 Years review - a very stylish marriage | Film | The Guardian

In this movie, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney played a couple who are preparing to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. A week before the holiday, they receive a letter that the body of Jeff’s former lover has been found in the Alps – he dated her before he met his wife. Despite the perfect family relationship, the news takes Kate by surprise and keeps her on edge. This is the story of people who have lived all their lives in love, but the sudden appearance of jealousy was able to break the usual idyll. Together they try to make sense of themselves and the nature of these feelings. At the Berlin Film Festival, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney each won a Silver Bear for Best Actor.

“Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Four weddings and one funeral

The plot centers on four weddings and one funeral, at which bachelor Charles keeps meeting Carrie. He’s an introvert who doesn’t believe he’s married and is constantly doing things wrong. With each meeting, the feelings between the characters flare up with renewed vigor, and there is hope for something more. This movie is similar to “Notting Hill” or “Bridget Jones’s Diary” in its romantic atmosphere and obligatory happy ending. In addition, these tapes have a common performer of the main role – handsome Hugh Grant, as well as the screenwriter – Richard Curtis. Curtis was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay for Four Weddings, but never won the award.

“Love Actually.

Real love

Britain’s most famous actors – in one movie. All nine stories intertwined in the plot take place around Christmas time. Each of the characters is in love and experiencing it in their own way, and in the finale all the characters meet at Heathrow Airport – some flying off on a wedding trip and some meeting those arriving. Love binds everyone always, not just in the magical time before New Year’s Eve, the director of the movie claims, which means that the Christmas comedy will be relevant in any season. It’s worth watching not only because of the stellar cast and touching stories, but also because of the atmosphere of Richard Curtis’ movies. In this tape the author of the script for the first time acted as a director and made a stunningly positive and even a little naive movie. Just what you need when you’re in a bad mood or moping in the fall.

“Head in the Clouds.

Head in the clouds

The story is set in 1930s Britain. At a young age, Gilda learned from a fortune teller that she would die at the age of 34, and from that moment on she devoted herself to pleasure and travel. One day Gilda meets Guy, they become lovers, but soon the girl has to leave the country. In Paris, she meets Mia, a Spanish student and model. The lives of all three change abruptly when civil war breaks out in Spain, and then the heroes suddenly find themselves on opposite sides of the front during World War II. Starring Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz and Stuart Townsend.

“How to Talk to Girls at Parties.”

How to talk to girls at parties

Punk rebel Ann goes with her friends to an intergalactic party where the guests are all aliens divided into different colonies. Among them is Zan: she looks like a normal girl, but in 48 hours she will leave London forever and be eaten by her teacher father. While there is time, the protagonist wants to tell her what life on Earth is like, who the punks are, and how much he loves her. Eventually, the punks decide to fight back against the strange system and explain to the aliens how to live on Earth. The plot is based on the short story of the same name by the famous English writer Neil Gaiman. The movie has sci-fi bordering on insanity, so get ready for a not-so-common romantic comedy. Sheffield’s Sheffield city center as London’s boro Croydon, with Elle Fanning as the beautiful alien.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Bridget Jones's Diary

There is no way she can get married, but one day she falls in love with her boss. That would be all right, but her parents are trying to marry her off to Mr. Darcy. To make sense of herself and her personal life, Bridget starts a diary. The deeper she analyzes both men, the more she changes her views on each of them. The well-known tape has two sequels: in the second part Bridget again finds out who she likes best, and in the third part tries to guess who is the father of her child. The movie is so light and non-serious that it would be suitable for a fall evening when you need an urgent mood boost. At the same time you can admire the young Hugh Grant or perfect in every way Colin Firth.

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